Friday, July 19, 2013

JET DREAM "Achillies Heel"

Most of our audience doesn't read our "sister" blog...
...True Love Comics Tales™, so they missed this story featuring the all-woman crimefighting team that predated Charlie's Angels by almost a decade!
This short tale by writer Dick Wood, penciler Mike Sekowsky, and inker Frank Giacoia is from Man from U.N.C.L.E. #13 (1967).
Jet Dream and Her StuntGirl CounterSpies appeared in 4-page tales in the middle of the book from #8 to #22, then appeared in a book-length story in a one-shot comic.
It's never been reprinted, and very few of the stories are available on the Net...until now!
Besides the book-length tale we ran HERE and HERE, we re-presented the entire series, beginning with the premiere at our "brother" blog Hero & Heroine Histories™.
BTW, you really should check out True Love Comics Tales™ since it features many of the same artists and writers you'll find here (including legendary good-girl artist Matt Baker), and lots more beautiful women!
(We won't tell anyone you were looking at "girls' comics"!
We promise!)

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