Friday, July 26, 2013


Note: Some content may be NSFW (but tastefully so...)
While most are familiar with the psychedelic 1960s movie starring Jane Fonda, few are those who've read the entire Barbarella saga, much less the four stories that comprise the translated graphic novel reprint that introduced her to English-speaking fans in 1966 after becoming a smash hit in Europe.
Now, jump in, the way readers in the '60s had to, and try to keep up...

You can see the entire 1960s Graphic Novel, uncut, plus cool background info and comparisons between the movie and comic versions at our "sister" blog, Femmes Fantastique™!


Friday, July 19, 2013

JET DREAM "Achillies Heel"

Most of our audience doesn't read our "sister" blog...
...True Love Comics Tales™, so they missed this story featuring the all-woman crimefighting team that predated Charlie's Angels by almost a decade!
This short tale by writer Dick Wood, penciler Mike Sekowsky, and inker Frank Giacoia is from Man from U.N.C.L.E. #13 (1967).
Jet Dream and Her StuntGirl CounterSpies appeared in 4-page tales in the middle of the book from #8 to #22, then appeared in a book-length story in a one-shot comic.
It's never been reprinted, and very few of the stories are available on the Net...until now!
Besides the book-length tale we ran HERE and HERE, we re-presented the entire series, beginning with the premiere at our "brother" blog Hero & Heroine Histories™.
BTW, you really should check out True Love Comics Tales™ since it features many of the same artists and writers you'll find here (including legendary good-girl artist Matt Baker), and lots more beautiful women!
(We won't tell anyone you were looking at "girls' comics"!
We promise!)

Friday, July 12, 2013

NOT WHO YOU THINK: Black Cat and the Director of Doom!

Long before Felicia Hardy padded around the pages of Marvel Comics...
 ...another Black Cat slinked around comics during the Golden Age!
We presented this original Black Cat's final tale HERE, so let's continue with her second tale (never-reprinted) from Harvey Comics' 100-page Pocket Comics #2 (1941)!
As you might have guessed, Nazi spy/film director Garboil eventually met his fate...
Written by publisher Alfred Harvey and illustrated by co-creator Al Gabrielle, the Black Cat was the most popular of Harvey's pre-humor characters, appearing regularly in Pocket Comics, then Speed Comics, a couple of one-shot appearances in other anthologies, as a regular text feature in Terry and the Pirates, and finally her own title that survived from the Golden Age into the Silver Age.
Be here next week, when we present another tale of classic comic grrl power!

Friday, July 5, 2013

MOON GIRL "Rockets for Riches"

A super-powered princess in red/yellow/blue who constantly rescues her boyfriend...
...nope, it ain't Wonder Woman, bunkie!
We presented her origin tale HERE, so today we're going a little further in her history to present her arch-enemy, Satana in EC's Moon Girl #3 (1948)!
Written by William Wolfolk and illustrated by Sheldon Moldoff.
If there seem to be obvious elements of Wonder Woman in Moon Girl, perhaps it's because Wollfolk's wife, Dorothy was a writer/editor on, among others, Wonder Woman, Lois Lane, Supergirl, and romance titles at DC Comics!

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