Tuesday, August 7, 2012

JET DREAM "D-Day for the Generalissimo" Conclusion

The Stunt-Girl CounterSpies are sent to an unnamed Central American country to keep the democracy-loving Generalissimo Romero Sanchez alive as he returns from America and regains control of his country from the Commies as the land's democratically-elected president.
However CIPHER, the international organization of evil, wants the present government to remain in power and will do anything to prevent the president-elect from returning.
While attempting to secretly fly the politician home, the team's aircraft are ambushed.
Jet Dream and the Stunt-Girls repel the attack, but it's obvious someone in the Generalissimo's entourage is a traitor who tipped CIPHER off!
Jet suspects Sanchez's right-hand man Felipe, when she notices his glasses don't have prescription lenses, but he acts blind-as-a-bat without them!
Writer Dick Wood and illustrator Joe Certa finally had 30+ pages to play with in this never-reprinted one-shot comic, and took advantage of the extra length to expand action sequences (which were usually abbreviated in the 4-page stories), and give play to individual members of the team.
BTW, to see the complete Jet Dream series, click HERE!

We were going to bring you the one-shot Silver Age Tiger Girl.
Instead, we're going to present a story that was told three times...with three different women as the heroine!
It'll all make sense tomorrow!
(BTW, you'll still see Tiger Girl in a few weeks.)

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