Monday, August 6, 2012

JET DREAM "D-Day for the Generalissimo" Part 1

Presenting the only book-length tale of...
...from their one-shot comic book published by Gold Key in 1968!
Now, let's go from the splash page showing a highlight from later in the story to page 2 and a kool diagram of the Stunt-Girl CounterSpies'  base...
Will Jet and her acrobeauts keep the Generalissimo alive?
Will CIPHER win, and take secret control of...hey, what is the name of that Central American country?
Some of the answers will be revealed...tomorrow!
Oddly enough, the similarly-spelled C.Y.P.H.E.R. (with a "y") was the name of the sinister secret organization The Shadow battled in his 1960s paperback adventures!
(I wonder if the two criminal organizations sued each other for trademark infringement!)
Writer Dick Wood and illustrator Joe Certa finally had 30+ pages to play with in this one-shot comic, and took advantage of the extra length to detail things like "No Man's Land" and give some play to individual members of the team.

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