Thursday, October 29, 2015


...after driving off an invisible monster, Supergirl confronts Selina, the sorceress using the Omegahedron, a Kryptonian power source that accidentally-arrived on Earth.
Will Kara and Zaltar escape the Phantom Zone?
Will Supergirl stop Selina?
Find out tomorrow in the conclusion at our "brother" blog Secret Sanctum of Captain Video!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Cover art by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez & Dick Giordano
...teenage Kara Zor-El causes an accident in Argo City (last surviving remnant of the destroyed planet Krypton) resulting in the loss of the city's primary power source, the Omegahedron.
Propelled by guilt, she steals an inter-dimensional craft to follow the device to Earth, where it falls into the hands of a would-be sorceress with earth-shaking ambitions...
How can Supergirl fight that which cannot be seen?
Return on Wednesday to our "brother" blog Secret Sanctum of Captain Video and continue the never-reprinted comic adaptation of the first live-action Supergirl's adventure!
Written by Joey Cavilieri and illustrated by Gray Morrow, this tale contains story elements not seen in the movie since it was based on earlier versions of the film's script.
A special treat...
The printing on the Supergirl Movie Special was, to put it bluntly, horrible.
DC was experimenting with ways to keep costs down, and one of them was switching from then-standard letterpress printing to less-expensive flexographic printing, which, unfortunately produced rather blotchy printing in solid color areas and loss of detail in linework.
(It was meant for use on cardboard, plastic, metal...almost everything else besides the newsprint that comic book interiors were printed on!)
Here's page 13, scanned from the original art...

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Secret Origin of VIXEN!

There's a feature on YouTube about DC's premier Black heroine...
...btw, that's "premier" as in "best-known" or "main", not "first" (premiere) since both Nubia and BumbleBee predate her...
...but it leaves out her untold origin...which we told HERE!

Friday, January 9, 2015


Policewomen operate in any environment... matter how hot or cold!
Lucky was one of a number of policewomen and private detectives who appeared in their own strips during the Golden Age.
(We've run others like Dolly O'Dare HERE. and Lady Luck II HERE.) You'll note the reporter's name in this never-reprinted tale from Avon's The Saint #5 (1949) is "Jim Gordon"...the same as Commissioner Gordon of Batman fame!
I'm not sure when Commissioner Gordon's first name was revealed in the comics, so this may have been a case of coincidence.
Both the writer and artist are unidentified in the Grand Comics Database.

Friday, December 5, 2014

ISIS " in Crisis"

Along with Wonder Woman, she was the premier video superheroine of the '70s...
...and here's her comics introduction in the book about the other live-action Saturday morning character from the same studio...Captain Marvel!
Though her origin was referenced in the opening credits (and you saw the discovery of the scroll and medalion), we never saw her first transformation from Andrea into Isis.
Written by Denny O'Neil and illustrated by Dick Giordano, this cover-featured introduction from DC's Shazam #25 (1975) has never been reprinted, even in the massive Showcase Presents Shazam! trade paperback which reprints the rest of the 1970s series!
For those who complain about Marvel currently altering their comics characters to match their tv/movie counterparts, DC did it over 35 years ago.
Shazam!s Billy Batson was sent on a cross-country video tour in a tricked-out van by his employers at WHIZ-TV, accompanied by his Uncle Dudley (with a mustache and safari jacket) as his (ahem) "mentor".
Besides setting up a similar plotline to the tv series, it gave the writers an opportunity to do a series of Bicentennial-themed stories about all-American kids in various locales.
(Comics are educational!)
However, the more fantastic aspects like Talky Tawny, the talking humanoid tiger and the villainous Sivanas were retained.
The Wonder Woman comic switched over to Earth-Two to cover the World War II adventures of the character, playing off the retro/nostalgia aspect of the tv show, while retaining classic Earth-Two elements like the Justice Society!
When the tv Shazam! was cancelled and tv Wonder Woman shifted to present-day adventures, all these changes were dropped.
BTW, here's the never-reprinted cover (and the original art) by Kurt Schaffenberger, who's rendered most of DC's heroines from Supergirl to Wonder Woman to Lois Lane!
Also in the issue was a promo touting Isis' entry into the DC "TV Comics" line-up...
We'll be running the never-reprinted tales of Isis in the future!
Watch for them!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving Turkey NIGHTCAT Conclusion

Art by Joe Jusko
...NightCat was about to perform, but with real ninjas (working for evil record producer/drug lord Amanda Gideon) in place of her backup dancers!
Only in comics would the previous sentence make sense...
Sadly, 'twas not to be.
She didn't prowl after this one-shot since both the comic and her album tanked.
But, perhaps you were one of the lucky few who ordered the limited-edition t-shirt...
Plotted by Barry Dutter & Jim Salicrup
Scripted by Stan Lee
(yes, that Stan Lee, who also appears in the story!)
Penciled by Denys Cowan
Inked by Jimmy Palmiotti
With Dazzler achiving some sales success, Marvel decided in 1991 to try again, this time following-through with the idea of using a real songstress performing in costume that they wanted to do with Dazzler.
In partnership with MCA Records, Marvel hired model/singer Jaqueline Tavarez to embody the character.
An album was released and Stan Lee appeared with her on several music-themed tv shows including Into the Night with Rick Dees and Party Machine with Nia Peeples.
Oddly, despite this being the Golden Age of MTV, no music video of NightCat was ever released!
But, thanks to YouTube, you can listen to her only single...
Hope you enjoyed our Thanksgiving Turkey!
Next Week
the never-reprinted origin of
Mighty ISIS!
(no, not the idiot terrorists, but the kool Saturday morning tv character)