Wednesday, May 31, 2017

WONDER WOMAN "and Supergirl vs the Planetary Conqueror"

With the new Wonder Woman movie coming out this week... Supergirl concluding her second season (and looking forward to a third on the CW...
...we thought we'd present a kool tale featuring both of them that's never been reprinted in color since its' first appearance in 1968!
A surprise you'll see...tomorrow!
This tale from DC's Wonder Woman #177 (1968) is atypical for a number of reasons.
None of the supporting cast for either heroine appears!
Neither heroine appears in her secret identity!
In fact, neither heroine even shows up until page 5!
Plus, writer Bill Finger, penciler Win Mortimer, and inker Jack Abel weren't the regular creative staff for the book!
(That would be writer Robert Kanigher, penciler Irv Novick and inker Mike Esposito.)
It appears this was a "fill-in" meant to be used for either a blown deadline or (as it turned out in this case) a "space-saver" before a reboot involving a totally-new creative team!
We'll go into that matter at the end of the tale...
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