Thursday, June 1, 2017

WONDER WOMAN "Captive Queens"

Interplanetary conqueror Klamos wants a super-powered bride!
His troops have been sent to every corner of the universe to round up worthy candidates!
Having captured a de-powered Supergirl by temporarily making Earth's sun red instead of yellow, they now make their move on Wonder Woman...
"...such loyal friends?"
Except for a previous Brave & Bold tale (where they were hardly the best of friends), the two of them never met!
Either way, the mayhem concludes tomorrow!
Don't miss it!
This Bill Finger-scripted, Win Mortimer-penciled, and Jack Abel-inked tale, was totally-different from any of the previously-published Wonder Woman stories!
Not surprising, since none of the creatives had worked on her tales before!
Ironically, this story apparently served as a try-out for Mortimer and Abel, who became regular artists (along with already-established illustrator Kurt Schaffenberger) on Supergirl's two tales per issue in Adventure Comics in 1969!
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(which concludes with the story we're re-presenting...but in black and white!)

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