Friday, May 31, 2013

TIGER GIRL I and the Twice AND Thrice-Told Tale!

Here's another example of a story that was presented twice...
...with some major changes when it was reprinted several years later!
As you can see, this Matt Baker-illustrated story from Fight Comics #36 (1945) features the death of one of Tiger Girl's pet tigers.
When it was re-presented in a shorter version in Jungle Comics #152 (1952), the outcome was quite different!
Besides eliminating three pages, the re-written version actually keeps the tiger alive!
Matt Baker had left the Iger Studio (who "packaged" the strip for Fiction House) several years earlier, so it's unknown who reworked the art for this version, which was also reprinted in IW Publishing's Jungle Adventures #15 in 1964, making this both a twice and thrice-told tale!
Tiger Girl I was Princess Vishnu, a woman of Irish/Indian descent who ended up in Africa with a Sikh bodyguard and a pair of Bengal tigers.
(Yeah, it's a rather unusual origin, we'll bring it to you in the near future.)
She had a healthy run in both Fight and Jungle Comics in the 1940s and '50s, making a number of cover appearances along the way.

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