Friday, June 7, 2013


Didn't know Austin Powers had a sister, did you?
Art by Bill Everett
Actually, he doesn't.
Marvel Comics' publisher, Martin Goodman, also owned several other magazines including For Men Only, Male and Stag (predecessors to present day "laddie magazines" like Maxim, King, and Smooth).
One of the ongoing features appearing in them was Pussycat's strip, a non-nude clone of Harvey Kurtzman and Will Elder's Little Annie Fanny with a secret agent theme (It was the 1960s, when James Bond, Man from UNCLE, et al, were phenomenally-popular) added.
Enjoy her pulsating premiere tale from Male Annual #3 (1965) and reprinted in the one-shot Adventures of PussyCat #1 (1968), written by Stan Lee and drawn by Wally Wood and Bill Ward!
...for now!
But, Pussycat will return...

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  1. Wood was such a horny dog, hahaha and some people wonder why Power Girl looks like that, blame Wally, the one ald only