Friday, November 14, 2014

Thanksgiving Turkey NIGHTCAT Part 2

Singer/actress Jacqueline Tavarez as NightCat whose secret identity is...Jacqueline Tavarez.
...Jacqueline Tavarez was rocketing up the sales charts performing as the costumed NightCat to keep her disapproving policeman father from finding out about her musical career.
But keeping secrets is about to have disastrous consequences...
To Be Continued...
Next Week!
Plotted by Barry Dutter & Jim Salicrup
Scripted by Stan Lee
(yes, that Stan Lee!)
Penciled by Denys Cowan
Inked by Jimmy Palmiotti
With Dazzler achiving some sales success, Marvel decided in 1991 to try again, this time following-through with the idea of using a real songstress performing in costume that they wanted to do with Dazzler.
In partnership with RCA Records, Marvel hired model/singer Jaqueline Tavarez to embody the character.
An album was released and Stan Lee appeared with her on several music-themed tv shows including Into the Night with Rick Dees and Party Machine with Nia Peeples.
Oddly, despite this being the Golden Age of MTV, no music video of NightCat was ever released!.

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  1. I think. "You may NOW inject the gorilla serum, doctor!" has just become one of my all-time favourite comic book lines.