Friday, February 2, 2018

TRAGG AND THE SKY GODS "Race Against Death"

Here's a tale spotlighting her created before that one, but published long after it!
Though this tale was packed into the back of the otherwise-reprint final issue of Gold Key's Tragg and the Sky Gods (#9 in 1982) was probably meant for a back-up tale in #1 or #2 back in 1976. was probably meant for a back-up tale in #1 (or #2) back in 1976.
You'll note the cover for #9 (above), which re-does the art for #1, makes no mention of the new back-up story!
The story is by the original artist/co-creator, Jesse Santos, who left the book (except for covers) as of #3 due to scheduling problems.
In addition, both Tragg and Lorn are dressed in garb they only wore in the Santos-illustrated #1!

Why had it not been used up to this point?
I suspect the editors felt Lorn was too aggressive, even during the heydey of Womens' Lib, but since #9 was the last issue, and the Gold Key line was shutting down, it would be the last chance to recover the money already paid for the story!
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