Thursday, August 11, 2016

PHANTOM LADY'S TWICE-TOLD TALES "Television Spies" 1.0 and 2.0

In 1948, tv was already a national obsession...
 ...and Phantom Lady is about to go in front of the cameras!
Oddly enough, both Don and the criminals have color tvs, when they weren't available commercially until five years later!
And Ringo's cane-camera is a color transmitter, when even portable b/w tv cameras were the size of suitcases!
The superb art for this tale from Fox's All Top Comics #10 is, of course, by Matt Baker.
This plot, probably by Ruth Roche, was reused, but totally-redrawn for the Comics Code-approved Phantom Lady #3 in 1955... here's a totally-redrawn version of a previous Phantom Lady tale!
By the time of this story in Ajax/Farrell's Phantom Lady #3 (1955), almost half the households in America had tvs, but they were almost all b/w sets.
As a result, the tv screens shown in this version of the story were b/w, the way most Americans experienced video.
The artist (or artists) of this tale are unknown, but the writer is probably editor Ruth Roche, as usual.

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