Thursday, February 25, 2016

ACTION COMICS "Deadly Rampage of the Lady Fox" Conclusion

Superman encounters a super-powered woman who steals and dumps a truckload of expensive furs, then manages to elude him.
Informed by the government that the furs may be part of an illegally-imported shipment, the Man of Steel (as reporter Clark Kent) is, coincidentally, assigned by WGBS with Lana Lang to travel to New Delhi to investigate what may be the source of the poached furs.
Also on the hunt in India is fashionista Mari MaCabe, whom the Last Son of Krypton had met back in Metropolis...when she hijacked the fur-laden truck in her guise as Vixen!
Seeing the costumed woman pursuing someone, Clark intends to follow...
Written by Vixen's co-creator (along with artist Bob Oksner) Gerry Conway, penciled by iconic Superman artist Curt Swan, and inked by Frank Chiaramonte, this never-reprinted premiere appearance in DC's Action Comics #521 (1981) gives us only the smallest hints of who Mari is and why she's doing what she does
We'd have to wait another three years, when she would team-up again with Superman in DC Presents #68 (1984), (which has also never been reprinted) to learn any more details about her.
But, if you continue reading this blog, you won't have to wait that long...

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