Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Cover art by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez & Dick Giordano
...teenage Kara Zor-El causes an accident in Argo City (last surviving remnant of the destroyed planet Krypton) resulting in the loss of the city's primary power source, the Omegahedron.
Propelled by guilt, she steals an inter-dimensional craft to follow the device to Earth, where it falls into the hands of a would-be sorceress with earth-shaking ambitions...
How can Supergirl fight that which cannot be seen?
Return on Wednesday to our "brother" blog Secret Sanctum of Captain Video and continue the never-reprinted comic adaptation of the first live-action Supergirl's adventure!
Written by Joey Cavilieri and illustrated by Gray Morrow, this tale contains story elements not seen in the movie since it was based on earlier versions of the film's script.
A special treat...
The printing on the Supergirl Movie Special was, to put it bluntly, horrible.
DC was experimenting with ways to keep costs down, and one of them was switching from then-standard letterpress printing to less-expensive flexographic printing, which, unfortunately produced rather blotchy printing in solid color areas and loss of detail in linework.
(It was meant for use on cardboard, plastic, metal...almost everything else besides the newsprint that comic book interiors were printed on!)
Here's page 13, scanned from the original art...

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