Friday, January 31, 2014

CAPTAIN KIDD "Sorceress of the Briney Deep"

She's not exactly a "heroine"...
...but she certainly knew how to deal with cutthroats and brigands as this never-reprinted tale from Fox's Captain Kidd #25(1949) proves!
When pirates briefly became a "hot" genre in comics after superheroes and heroines died out at the end of the Golden Age, she made several appearances in both historical retellings like this or one of the few romance comics to feature a pirate-themed story, seen HERE!
Both writer and artist are unknown, but the pencils/layouts look like Sheldon Moldoff, the artist of Moon Girl!
(The inking looks like one of the several Matt Baker imitators who worked for the Iger Studios who supplied Fox's stories.)
BTW, this post was part of the RetroBlogs' tribute to the new pirate series, Black Sails, now airing on Starz!

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