Friday, November 8, 2013

BOY EXPLORERS "Isle Where Women Rule" Part 1

Is this tale reponsible for Rush Limbaugh's "feminazi" fantasies?
This never-reprinted story from Harvey's Terry and the Pirates Comics #3 (1947), typlifies the adolecent male mindset from his childhood (which he apparently hasn't outgrown)...
Where the Amazons of Wonder Woman were kind and loving, wanting to help Mankind, these women embody the worst stereotypes of "strong women", feared by men of the era!
The Boy Explorers were typical of the "kid gang" strips of the era, combining a group of stereotypes (tough Brooklyn/Bronx or hillbilly urchin, glasses-wearing intellectual, annoying little-brother type, and a "typical" American boy) along with an adult mentor.
The plots ranged from fighting crooks and enemy spies in their neighborhood to travelling to exotic locations.
(This particular group is taking an around-the-world cruise.)
Written and illustrated by the team of Joe Simon & Jack Kirby (who created the genre), this tale came out at the end of the concept's popularity, when stories became more and more outrageous to hold the waning audience's interest!
BTW, our "sister" blog, True Love Comics Tales presented a Womens-Lib era variation on the concept, which you can read HERE!

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