Friday, April 19, 2013


She's not the slinky costumed heroine created by Will Eisner...
...(although we will be covering her in the future) but a gambler-turned-investigator who made only one appearance...
It feels like a pilot for a 1950s half-hour TV series rather than a comic book, doesn't it?
In fact, the comic could easily be used as storyboards!
Wonder if the writer was a TV scripter doing some comic book work on the side!
Though the scripter is unknown, the artist for this one-shot in Charlton's Danger #13 (1955) is Bill Discount, whose style was remarkably-close to Carmine Infantino's.
In fact, since there were so few stories (only about three dozen) attributed to "Bill Discount", I thought it might be a pen-name for  a team consisting of Carmine and an unknown inker!

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