Friday, April 5, 2013

AIRBOY "Easter Egg" Conclusion

Aviator-hero Airboy almost crashes when a private plane flown by young heiress Bonnie Easter lands at the airport in front of him without signaling.
After apologizing and explaining she's distraught over her dying uncle, the girl rushes to his home where she is given $1,000,000 in cash with the proviso that she spend it all before the old man passes away...or it will go to a crooked gambler who framed him!
When gunmen attempt to kill the girl, she ends up at the skyscraper home of AirBoy, who uses his advanced aircraft, Birdie, to spirit them away...
Bonnie has a million dollars and AirBoy's paying for dinner?
The heiress became Airboy/David Nelson's ongoing girlfriend both helping and hindering him as the plot required for the remainder of the series.
Oddly, though she's blonde in the stories, most of the covers she appears on (including this issue) show her as brown-haired!
This intro tale in Hillman's AirBoy Comics V3N11 (1946) was scripted by Dick Wood and illustrated by Dan Barry.

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