Friday, October 26, 2012

MOTHER HUBBARD "vs The Leader"

It's almost Halloween, so here's a witch...
...who battled Nazi spies in this unusual Golden Age series from Chesler Syndicate.
Most magician-heroines in comics are beautiful women in tights (Scarlet Witch, Zatanna, Clea, etc.). but Mother Hubbard was the personification of a stereotypical fairy tale witch.
Oddly, though this is her first appearance, the Nazis know who she is and what she's capable of!
No actual origin (or explanation of how she survived to the present and turned from evil to good) was ever presented during her three-story run.
Art for her premiere appearance in Chesler's Scoop Comics #1 (1941) was by Bill Madden, but the writer is unknown.

Be here next week, when we present another tale of classic comic grrrl power!

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