Friday, October 19, 2012

LADY SATAN II "Macabre Beginning"

With the success of Warren Publications' Vampirella, in the early 1970s... was inevitable that another barely-clad anti-heroine would appear in a b/w comic magazine, where the Comics Code didn't apply!
But, this one was demonic, not vampiric...
This is definitely not the Golden Age Lady Satan!
From her first appearance in Skywald's Scream Magazine #2 (1973), the never-reprinted (and never-completed) saga of Satan's betrothed pushed the boundaries of both good taste and coherent storytelling.
Created by writer Al Hewetson and artist Ricardo Villamonte, Anne Jackson also made comics history as the first Black anti-heroine!
BTW, Skywald was also responsible for comics' first Black superheroine, ButterFly two years earlier, as detailed HERE.
Lady Satan (II) would make three more appearances in Scream and Psycho magazines before disappearing without a proper conclusion to the storyline.
Watch this blog for her later appearances...

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