Friday, September 28, 2012

HONEY WEST "Underwater Raiders" Conclusion

Millionare Lewis Trent hires Honey West to guard the valuables aboard his yacht during a costume party thrown for his friend, aircraft designer Jack Bynner to celebrate his $200,000,000 contract with the US Air Force.
Armed frogmen board the yacht and steal the model of the prototype aircraft Bynner had on display, igoring the party guests' valuables!
When Honey and the police attempt to stop the pirates, the sinister scuba divers sink the police cruiser with a magnetic mine and make their getaway underwater with the model.
Unknown to the felons, Honey managed to plant a tracer on one of them...
Story for this never-reprinted, one-shot from Gold Key Comics (1966) by Paul S. Newman, art by Jack Sparling.
Anne Francis took instruction in Okinawa Te under Sensei Gordon Doversola for a couple of months before shooting began.
The TV series the comic is based on ran only one year and Anne Francis won a Golden Globe and was nominated for an Emmy.
The Executive Producer of the show was Aaron Spelling, who later created Charlie's Angels.
The complete series is available on DVD in the US from VCI.
The British Region 2 DVD set from Delta Entertainment also contains the Burke's Law episode "Who Killed the Jackpot?" which served as a "backdoor pilot" for the character.
Most of the novels have been reprinted, and a new comic series is available from Moonstone Comics.
There's been talk of a feature film based on the novels, but it's currently in Development Hell.

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