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Art by Matt Haley & Tom Simmons
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The monks guarding a jade statue in a Tibetan monastery are slaughtered by a high-tech hit squad which steals the sculpture.
In New York City, an elderly Harry Vincent releases Lamont Cranston from a cryogenic tube and passes a cryptic message to him; "Tulpa Arcadia", sending Cranston, now The Shadow, on a mission to the city of Arcadia, where he finds and defeats the hit squad, but not before they manage to send the crated statue to it's destination.
Meanwhile, another hit squad attempts, and fails, to capture Ghost, a heroine, who, though deceased, still protects Arcadia with her spectral powers and a pair of .45 automatics.
Following a clue left behind by the squad, Ghost is drawn to Club Hell, where more high-tech criminals try to capture her.
Only The Shadow's intervention saves the heroine from a fate worse than death.
But, what is the connection between Ghost and the statue?
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Like many cross-over stories featuring licensed characters, this Dark Horse Comics one-shot from 1995 has never been reprinted.
Written by Doug Moench (who had previously scripted the acclaimed b/w Doc Savage magazine for Marvel in the 1970s), penciled by HM Baker, and inked by Bernard Kolle, this book was the final appearance for Dark Horse's version of the Shadow after the 1994 feature film starring Alec Baldwin tanked.
Ghost proved to be one of the most popular of Dark Horse's Comics Greatest World characters, with two fairly-long running series, numerous mini-series and one-shots (like this one).
Now the character is being revived and rebooted for a new generation.
Starting a couple of months ago in Dark Horse Presents #13, then transferring to her own ongoing series this month, this revamped version is set in Chicago, with a new supporting cast and a new mission.
The Shadow can be found in his own title from Dynamite Entertainment!
Details HERE!
Ghost has been appearing in the anthology Dark Horse Presents, and returns in her own title later this month!
Details HERE!
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