Friday, August 3, 2012

TYGRA "Stone Man from Space"

In the 1950s, comics were hip-deep in jungle girls... a heroine needed something to stand out from the legion of leopard/tiger/panther/lion-skin-clad ladies!
In Tygra's case, it was science fiction!
From her origin story in Startling Comics #45 (involving an experimental serum that gave her super-strength) onward, the short-lived Tygra series added hard science fiction elements to the fantasy/high adventure plots that were standard for the jungle hero/heroine genre.
This story from Nedor's Startling Comics #53 (1948), written by Joe Greene and illustrated by Art Saaf, was Tygra's final appearance.
It was also the final issue of the comic, one of the first casualties of the end of the Golden Age.
Trivia: Of all the jungle girls in comics, Tygra is probably the only one who never had the cover of the comic she appeared in, though she was the lead feature for almost all her run!
Art Saaf was one of the many steadily-working craftsmen who never became superstars, but who consistently produced quality work month after month for decades.
He also handled another blonde super-strong heroine's adventures in the 1970s...Supergirl, at the end of her Adventure Comics run and the entire 10-issue run of her first solo book!
Be here next week, when we present another tale of classic comic grrrl power!

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