Friday, August 24, 2012

KITTY KELLY "Money-Mad Devils"

Here's a heroine who had only five three different publishers...
...she also had three different careers and two secret identities!
Kitty debuted in  Chesler's Punch Comics #1 (1941) as an airline stewardess drawn into international intrigue.
After two appearances there, she next turned up for three issues of Four Star's Captain Flight Comics as a spy code-named Yankee Girl who used being an airline stewardess as a cover!
Note: Chesler had introduced another character as a costumed Yankee Girl after Kitty's last appearance in Punch Comics.
Her final new appearance, from Chesler's Red Seal Comics #17 (1946), is presented here.
It's the only time she's in costume rather than civilian garb.
Curiously, she doesn't wear a mask and her insignia is "KK", as if she's advertising the fact she's Kitty Kelly!
Despite that, the criminals still think her costumed and civilian selves are two different people!
Story is probably by Ruth Roche, and is most likely illustrated by Gus Ricca according to several sources.
BTW, like Lady Satan I, she had one story reworked three times for different publishers.
We'll be presenting those stories in a multi-day post in the near future.
Be here next week, when we present another tale of classic comic grrrl power!

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