Friday, December 20, 2013

MARY MARVEL "Case of the Criminal Kringles"

A Christmas present for our faithful fans...
...a superheroine Christmas tale with not one...not two...but three superhero guest stars!
(And it's the premiere of her own series as well!)
Mr Scarlet and Pinky was one of the ongoing features rotating cover appearances with other characters on Wow Comics when Mary Marvel was given her own feature in Wow as of #9 (1943) after her introduction in Captain Marvel Adventures #18 and 19 (1942).
But, as of this issue, Mary became either the solo cover star or featured star in every cover until the book shifted format to humor strips in #59 (1947)
Writer Otto Binder and illustrator Mark Swyaze were her co-creators in Captain Marvel Adventures, so it was only appropriate they handle her series intro and several stories after that.

Trivia: When the 1970s live-action Shazam! tv series proved to be a ratings success, the studio considered doing a Mary Marvel spin-off!
But, because DC Comics wanted too much money for Mary, it was decided to use a new character, Isis, in the "sister" series instead!
Ironically, DC then had to pay to license Isis for a comic book adaptation (after introducing her in an issue of Shazam!)!

We're taking two weeks off and will return on January 10th with a heroine we've never featured before!
Don't miss it!

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