Friday, June 14, 2013

MISS VICTORY "Introducing Miss Victory"

On Flag Day, let's look at the premiere of a patriotic heroine... fact, the first patriotic-themed superheroine, predating Wonder Woman and her star-spangled outfit by several months
Though the writer of this tale from Holyoke's Captain Fearless Comics #1 (1941) is unknown, the art is by Charles M Quinlan, who illustrated a lot of superheroes, but the only heroines he rendered were Miss Victory and Kitten in Cat-Man Comics.
Pity, since he was pretty good at them.

The clouds of war were growing ominous.
Though we wouldn't actually enter World War II until the attack on Pearly Harbor, pulp and comic characters were already battling the enemy, both overseas and in America!
Foe example, this issue of Captain Fearless Comics, though dated August 1941, was on the newsstands in May or June of 1941, and was prepared up to three months earlier, in March or April!

BTW, Wonder Woman debuted in the December 1941/January 1942 issue of All-Star Comics (#8), months after Miss Victory popped up!

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