Friday, September 14, 2012


No, not Black Angel, but this is another World War II aviatrix-heroine...
...but in an even skimpier outfit!
(Like you're complaining?)
Holyoke's Contact Comics was one of the numerous titles in the popular Golden Age war comics subgenre known as "aviation comics".
Other titles included Fiction House's Flight Comics, Hillman's Air Fighters Comics, and Four Stars' Captain Flight, and the most famous of all...Quality's Blackhawk.
Black Venus appeared in every issue of Contact's 12-issue run, except the final issue which featured a new lineup of civilian fliers and science fiction stories.
This particular tale from Contact Comics #2 (1944) was artist Rudy Palais' only contribution to the series, which never used the same artist two issues in a row.
The writer is unknown.
Curiously, as of the next issue, Black Venus would adopt a new costume almost exactly like Black Angel's, except for the Captain America-style wings on the forehead!
Be here next week, when we present another tale of classic comic grrl power!

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