Friday, May 25, 2012


Since it's Memorial Day weekend, let's look at a patriotic heroine...
...whose secret identity was Joan Wayne!
(and this was in the 1940s, when John Wayne was at the height of his popularity)
This never-reprinted story appeared in the one-shot Veri Best Sure Fire Comics (1945) which apparently came out between #10 & #11 of Captain Aero Comics, where Miss Victory (and all the other strips in this book) normally-appeared!
Miss Victory was the first patriotic-themed superheroine, predating Wonder Woman and her star-spangled outfit by several months.
Art by Charles M Quinlan, who illustrated a lot of superheroes, but the only heroines he rendered were Miss Victory and Kitten in Cat-Man Comics.
Pity, since he was pretty good at them...

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